Friday, April 22, 2011

oh dear

My last post was on April 7th. Goodness gracious. What have I been doing? I need to get my head in the game.

I've been working and working and schooling and schooling. And I've been trying to get "living" in that equation -it's been a moderate success, I would say.
I don't want to go into all the things I could say about work, except that my feet hurt so much. Roller-blading for five hours straight, sometimes longer, is serious business. And people that don't tip me are just rude. I actually fell asleep with an ice pack on my foot the other night. Thinking about it now, I'm pretty sure that pack is still on my bed. Oh well.

I'm currently sitting in Ethan's bed while he's a band practice. I have work in a few hours, but thankfully I'm not closing tonight.
Post Society has a show tomorrow in New Braunfels, Texas that I'm pretty excited about. Last weekend I missed one of their shows for the first time ever since they started playing shows in November '09. I was crushed.

"Why did you miss the show, Camael? What's wrong with you?" I had work. Yeah. Lame.

Things have been all weird between my stepmom and I lately. I can't tell if she's mad at me for something or if she feels indifferent about our relationship in general. She got really mad the other night when I told her I was getting off work at 11 -she thought it was too late to be working on a school night. So I'm pretty sure that if she is angry it's because I told her that I didn't agree, or disagree, with her about it. I dunno, lately I'm genuinely unsure of what's going on with her. I feel like it's going to be this way until I move out -then, it'll either get worse or we'll overcome it.

I have five weeks left of school! Next week is TAKS week -I've already touched base on that so I won't get into it again. I'm always really excited about summer, until it gets here and I realize that I have nothing to do. But I think working will make me motivated to live a little.

Prom is coming up next weekend, which I will not be going to. But I probably shouldn't get into that either. I'll just claim something like, "Ethan and I aren't very old-fashioned." This statement is somewhat true.

I'm about to open my second Arizona lemon tea. I love it so much, even though it's probably the worst thing to drink in large quantities. But whatever.

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