Monday, February 28, 2011

my apologies

I have not posted anything recently because I felt like I had nothing to say... Well, screw what I think. I have plenty to say.

Tomorrow at school, everyone -except for seniors because they suck- is taking the English T.A.K.S. Test (+3X@$ @$$3$M3N+ 0f kN0Wl3dG3 @Nd $kiillZ). I'm not too much into politics. In fact, I could not care less. However, this is where my negative feelings for George Bush come into play. He is the reason that we have these stupid tests. He is the reason that five days out of the year I have to prove my knowledge to Texas through tests that go over curriculum (spelled that right on the first try, nice!) that I am currently not studying. Isn't that fun? NO. If anyone nodded or said yes, then you are a sad individual. This is a subject that makes me kind of angry.... If you haven't noticed.
Thankfully, tomorrow is English -which I am f*cking awesome at. I hate the prompts that we're given for the essay portion, but I feel confident with my writing, so I'm always able to pull something out of my ass.
I'm surprised that I've never seen a prompt like 'Write an essay about a time that you were inspired to take over the world.'
...I'm sorry, what? I have never taken over the world. And I have never been inspired to do so. Give me a real prompt, you weirdos.

Any-who, this weekend was good; going out with Ethan on Friday was fun, I went downtown on Saturday and then had a sleepover with friends (Mackenzie, Sagel, and Meghan), and then I worked on Sunday... which wasn't actually fun but it wasn't terrible.

Guess what I realized the other day?
I managed to accidentally throw away my social security card. How talented am I? So talented. I got to fill out the application for a replacement today, which was the highlight of my LIFE.
...Not really, though. It was boring. And the only reason that I care about replacing it right now is because I can get my license in less than two weeks and I need my social security card for that. Who knew?

That's another exciting thing! I'm almost a legal driver!
 (Something is totally being implied.)

...Or not, whatever.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mars, anyone?

So I can imagine that the people that viewed my last post became extremely depressed. You shouldn't, though, so I do not apologize. My intention is never to make someone feel bad when I share something like that. Unless they deserve it, which does happen... A lot, actually. It's kind of ridiculous. But it is something that has happened less and less as I've tried to surround myself with more mature people over the past couple years. It hurts when it's a good friend that I have to break it to; Like, 'Oh hey, yeah... about that. My mom died of breast cancer.' And then I see it. That huge look of regret in their eyes, not knowing if we can continue to be friends for a split second, and the overall shame from the realization that saying 'Your mom' can actually offend someone on a deeply personal level. Have any of you ever watched the show 'Yo Momma'? It's literally an entire show dedicated to people having mom joke competitions. I was watching it one day with an old friend of mine and I said something about hating mom jokes and my friend said to me, 'They didn't make them to hurt your feelings.' And I honestly did not know what to say to that. Yes, I know that the creator of mom jokes was not out to get me or something, but just the thought of making a joke out of the strongest women in the world kind of offends me... in huge amounts. So thanks, but no thanks. Earth is a frustrating place. Let's go to Mars instead.

Anyways, today was a good day! A friend of mine came over after school and  we literally just sat and talked in my room for like almost two hours. See, that's something that is of more interest to me than going out and doing something. I don't need to do much to be happy, just gimme someone as chill as I am to talk to, and I'm good. It's pretty simple. I save the complicated shit for Ethan <3

Speaking of which, Ethan is FINALLY taking me out tomorrow night for a very late Valentine's Day dinner. I am so excited! I love going out with him. Always. I love planning what I'm going to wear, I love figuring out what to do with my make up (mostly eye make up), I love trying to think of something within my capabilities to do with my hair, I love putting on the outfit that I pick out. Hell, I even love getting that 'I'm on my way' text from him. Everything about our dates makes me happy. I cherish them. Not everyone is as lucky as I am, and being as pessimistic as I am, I try not to waste it because anything can end in a flash. There's thousands of things that I'm talking about here, and breaking up is probably the last thing on my list. Even though it is the one realistic thing on my list. Again, my mind and I make horrible friends. But, till death do us part. Unless I develop a mental disorder.
In this case, not for me.

I would just like to put it out there that I Googled 'mind body connection' to find a picture for this post, and one of the results was a completely topless chick. I don't see that particular connection. Any ideas?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today was a good day.
School itself was boring, of course. But I had a great time after school.
I was reunited with a good friend of mine, Mia, who had been in Arizona attending ASU. Let's just say, she was gone for too long for my little heart to bare. She's the definition of cool. I love this chick, and I love that she's back in Austin. She's one of those chicks that everyone likes.
Ethan and I met up with Mia and Jonny at Ethan's house and they followed us to Ian's house so that they could have band practice. However, when we got to Ian's house, he was not there yet. So where did go? Starbucks! Everyone loves Starbucks. After we had ordered, the man in line after us actually thought that he could get free coffee because he had his own cup. I felt kind of bad, but come on. Coffee isn't free. Nothing is free anymore... EXCEPT FOR LOVE <3 :) :) :)
...kidding, I'm not choosing today to be a total weirdo. And that statement is somewhat false anyways. Do you know how much money Ethan has spent on me? No, you don't, because I don't even know.
We went back to Ian's house when he called and told us that he was finally there. Their lead singer, Eddie, however, was not going to be there for another hour. So what did we do? We made a fire! Literally; we walked down to the canyon behind Ian's house and made a fire for some s'mores. This was actually the second time we have done this and the fire we made last time was still visible (it was like two weeks ago so I don't know why it wouldn't have been). I'd just like to take this time to point out that my significant other is a total pyro -I feel like at some point in my life, this could be a bad thing.
So we had our little fire and almost everyone had s'mores (I did not because I'm a loser) and then we eventually went back to Ian's. We started watching this SyFy movie that I can't remember the name of. It was about this dude that's really weird and he owns this like native american museum that has dinosaur skeletons in it and he does this weird ritual and brings them to life. It's literally just the bones, so when they started eating people we were literally just sitting there going 'THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!' Who makes SyFy movies? I want to know. They're so far from reality that it's not even cool, there's thousands of holes in their fictional logic. Unbelievable, truly. I was disappointed about not finishing it though, I was curious.
Eddie finally got to Ian's house and we all messed around like idiots until Mia and I decided that we were hungry enough to do something about it. So we went and got pizza. Yum, yum, yum. When we got back the band was actually practicing, but they immediately stopped when we walked in with the pizza. We devoured that thing.
Eventually band practice ended and Ethan took me home. It was really fun and I was in a good mood, and then I had to start homework. Specifically history homework, which is extra lame because we're starting the Cold War. Which I HATE. I love learning about World War 2 and the Holocaust, but I really really really dislike the Cold War. It's so boring.

Anyways, I would like to share something special about today that I feel bad for not realizing until later on in the day: Today is my mom's birthday. My mom passed away from breast cancer when I was five years-old. She would have been fifty-four today, and she would only look about forty. I titled this 'Dolly' because that's my mom's nickname (which she hated), and her real name was Dolores (which she also hated). I can't really describe my feelings about all of this... I could go on for days talking about how angry I am that I only get to hear about how awesome she was but not getting to find out for myself, and about how if she hadn't passed I wouldn't be the person that I am today. It's really hard to see my friends treat their moms like shit, it breaks my heart. If there is any piece of advice that I can give, it is to never take your mother for granted -especially if she is good to you.
Happy birthday, Mom. I miss you a lot. You are the only reason that I would like to believe that there is a heaven.

Monday, February 21, 2011

those fabulous 50s

I had to go to school today, even though it's a holiday. How lame is that?
It's because of our snow day... We hardly got like two inches of snow and the world practically ended. Ah, Texas.
Anyways, today was an okay day. I am on the verge of taking an Advil PM and clocking out for the night.
When Ethan and I got to school we went to our chemistry class so that he could make up a quiz and I could do the homework. Boring, definitely. 
First block went by pretty fast, we graded our history test over World War 2. I got a freaking 78. Not cool. I hate how I feel so confident about a test and then the next thing I know I'm looking at my grade and thinking 'What the hell was I doing? Was I conscious when I took this?' But I did pass, which is always good. My parents aren't really strict with grades but since they're my parents they feel like they should set some kind of standard: Make sure you pass. So whenever I do get a disappointing -but above failing- grade, I know that it is only disappointing to me. At least I hope so. But I think the worst is when people ask you later what grade you got. 'What'd you get on the history test? I got a 100!' 
'I got a 78.'
That's what always gets me. Honestly, I don't care about your amazing grade right now. Nor will I ever. Now go home and show your parents how awesome you are so that they'll go buy you a car, okay?

Second block was productive in the sense that I finished my chemistry homework. I didn't do any work for the actual class, though. Kyle was sitting next to me watching YouTube videos of people playing video games (which is sad on so many levels), and our teacher told him to get to work. Rohan (whom I know is reading this), was also doing things unrelated to our class, and he too ended up being told to get to work. The whole time this was happening, I was doing homework. There was clearly no activity on my computer screen. Somehow my teacher did not see that for the entire hour and a half we were in class. But don't get me wrong, this is no complaint right here.
We had to take a released TAKS test during third block. It was a combination of chemistry, biology, and physics.
  1. I'm still of the process of learning chemistry.
  2. I failed the first semester of biology and just barely passed for the year
  3. I haven't even taken physics. And I don't even plan to.
Despite everything, it was pretty easy. Or so I thought; my teacher will probably announce that only one person failed and I'll end up being that person. That would suck! I'm so pessimistic, jeez.
Ethan took me to Which Wich for lunch and, like a gentleman, paid for my food. He's so sweet.
Fourth block was okay. I was really annoyed with people in general by then so I decided to stay quiet for most of the class. All in all, it was a really easy class. Thankfully.

When Ethan picked me up after school he took me to an empty parking lot... AND TRIED KILL ME.
Meaning that he was teaching me stick shift. I'm assuming that I'll get a car when I get my license (I should probably talk to my parents about this) so I'm wanting to see if I should get a manual or an automatic. By the looks of today, probably an automatic. Which I'm fine with, I think more than anything I'd just like to be able to know stick shift for just-in-case situations. They do happen! I'm not just super paranoid... (I am the most paranoid person ever.) I have been told that is a good skill to have and I know that my stepmom wants me to learn, but without her teaching me herself. Oh parents.

After that Ethan and I went to his house and shortly after I found myself falling asleep on his arm. So so so tired! It's crazy. As a high school kid, I don't even have to go through a whole school week before becoming totally exhausted. All day, everyday, people shoving pretty useless information down your throat and expecting you to know it after one day of practice because oh guess what? there's a test next time! Yeah, very uncool. People always talk about how energetic kids are supposed to be. Hey, people, times have changed and they're still changing. It's not the same from when you were my age, I promise. Your generation's stories start out like 'Well when we were kids, we hopped on this train.....' My generation's stories start out with 'So I was texting him and like...'
Do you see the difference? Man, I hope so. I'm honestly not proud of this. I wish that I was able to cherish things besides material. It's not like I can't live without my phone or I can't be away from laptop for more than two seconds, but there are plenty of people out there that feel that way. It's sad. And I don't mean sad as a joke, I truly think that there are so many wasted things in this world that are right in front of us all. When will we ever learn?
Sometimes I feel like I should have been born in the 50s, and died before seeing youth turn into what it has.

I could have been a part of this group. We would go to awesome dances and I would share a milkshake with Ethan with two straws in it (Ethan would be the guy on the left and I'd be the chick on the far left, considering I am that short).
Speaking of which, would anyone like to know the modern-day 'milkshake'? Of course you want to know, you're reading this for a reason. True story right here: Ethan and I were at Kerbey Lane Cafe with a few friends , and we decided to drink through each other's ears. We both have gauged ears and they're big enough to stick a straw through, so that's what we did. Romantic, I know. We received bewildered stares from a woman at another table, which is really rude, but I can't say I blame her. That's not something you see everyday. Or at least it shouldn't be.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Great Night

Yesterday, my friends, was a good day. More specifically, last night.

Summary of my school day:

  • Slept in.
  • Got to school late, but not too late thankfully.
  • History test. Easy as hell.
  • 2nd block was sooo boring. Literally half of the class was gone, eight of out sixteen kids.
  • Very uneducated sub in chemistry, but we learned really easy stuff (stoichiometry II).
  • Lunch at Fazoli's with Ethan. Extremely delicious.
  • English test. Again, really easy, considering I'm awesome in that class.

When I went home I, of course, fed my Facebook addiction for a little bit, and then I started getting ready to go see Ethan's band, Post Society, play a show at Red 7. When I was getting ready my stepmom came home from picking up her cousin at the airport. SHE IS AWESOME. I spent roughly twenty minutes with her and I already like her. Which is good because my parents worked their asses off getting our guest room ready for her. And my stepmom was pretty much bouncing off the walls this past week in anticipation.
I was feeling pretty good so I decided to get a little out of my wardrobe comfort zone; I wore a skirt. That's right folks, a skirt. Crazy, I know. It's what I do.
Ethan picked me up ten minutes before he was supposed to be downtown (the drive takes thirty) and then we picked up my friend, Bri, and we were on our way to sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and later on walking through a scary alley behind Red 7 to drop off his equipment. I honestly feel like I'm going to be killed in plain site whenever I'm downtown, even during the day. There was this recent time that I was there and I was actually trying to imagine what it would feel like to be stabbed, just so that I would be prepared for it. How morbid is that? I need a day away from my mind.
We got to Red 7 sometime between seven and eight, and they weren't even playing until nine. So we were all kind of left with nothing to do, because once you're inside the bar you can't leave. Which was especially lame because I was hungry like a hippo.
I had a great encounter with this girl that I had never even seen before last night. Can you say bitch? Thankfully the entire thing was nonverbal, but man oh man. I have never received such negative vibes from one person in such a small amount of time -usually it builds up over time, you know?
First, she stepped on my shoe. And didn't say sorry, she didn't even acknowledge my being.
Second, right after stepping on me, she basically threw her bag -which I am convinced had bricks in it- in between where Jonny and I were sitting.
Third, later on, she came back to get something from her bag and -no exaggeration- slammed it on the table that we were sitting at. I mean seriously, this girl was angry. In every sense of the word.
So, being me -and feeling unusually bold- I decided to loudly talk shit. Now, I am unsure if she heard me or not, but she was within no more than ten feet of me. Either she is hard of hearing, or she heard me and didn't do anything. I think that's a huge way to get an idea of someone's character; she can throw her stuff around and knock out someone's eye, but she can't use her words to defend herself. But, like I said, I don't know for sure. These are just thoughts.
I ended up agreeing to a game of pool  -which meant making an idiot of myself in front of everyone, but I was okay with it. Long story short, I lost. Pool is not my calling and I'm fine with that, considering the fact that being good at pool wouldn't affect my life in any way.
Eventually, Post Society played their show, and it was awesome -as usual. I really do like them, I'm not just saying that because it's Ethan's band. They are extremely good, especially live. I'm not a fan of their recordings, though.
When the band after them started playing, I realized, 'I'm at my first real punk show!' I can't remember their name but they were so awesome! It wasn't so much their music as it was their stage performance. They were pouring beer in the crowd, the crowd was throwing beer cans at them, there was a mosh pit for a little while, Ian (the drum of Post Society) was thrown onto and off of stage, I couldn't tell ya how many times the band members said 'fuck', and one of the guitarists was dressed in this costume that reminded me of Yo Gabba Gabba. I loved it so much. I'll be honest, I am not a fan of going to shows and being all crazy  -I'd rather listen to live music sitting down and just chilling out. But I was absolutely in love with this. Something inside of me must have loved it too because at the end of their last song, I picked up a beer can off of the ground and threw it at the stage. I think it hit the guitarist, whom I realized shortly afterwards, was mooning the entire crowd... That, I didn't like. All in all, I had a really good time. I should get out more.

The guitarist would have fit in perfectly.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have an announcement? What?

Today... was not that great. I found myself in small bursts of a good mood but easily annoyed.

My dad took me to school today because Ethan went super early for tutoring. I think this may be the source of my agitated mood. Putting me (not a morning person) in the truck with my dad (huge morning person) wasn't a good idea. He himself was okay because his energy had not yet peaked, but his driving was making me so tense. It's so interesting how much more noticeable someone's driving is when you start doing it yourself. And in this case, it's almost become unhealthy for me to be in the car with him behind the wheel. I put so much extra stress and worry on myself for the tiniest things, so when he's driving it turns into a shite ton of extra stress and worry. But hey, I made it to school alive. That's what counts, right? I hope so.
Math was boring; quiz, notes, homework. Same deal everyday. We never mix it up. But it is the only class that I'm allowed to use my ipod in, so I was able to feed my Say Anything obsession for a little bit. Which was nice because they're like crack to me.
Speech was okay, but my teacher seems to think that she's really funny when she says something that is not an actual joke, it's an actual statement. Right now we're working in groups on a big project and the facilitator of my group was absent. I was fully aware that she was absent because 1. she wasn't in math (which we also have together), and 2. because she wasn't in speech. My speech teacher must not have thought that I could put two and two together and realize, 'Oh, Alex is not here today.' How insulting. So when I went up to her desk this is what she says: 'There's a problem.' -starting to smile as if she's about to blow my mind- 'Alex is not here today.'

Moving on:
Health was kinda boring. I mentioned that I finished Minh and I's project on Tuesday, so there was really nothing to do throughout the whole block.
Lunch was great, though; I finished my math homework (easiest thing ever done) and Minh, being the amazing friend that he is, bought me an apple cinnamon muffin and a caramel macchiato because I had no money. There are selfless people still out there guys! But don't be fooled, I am a victim here: he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer when he asked me if I wanted him to get me something. He's evil, I tell you.
Any-who, there was this random chick (who we later found out is named Megan) that walked past our table. Minh did this awkward noise thing to let the rest of us know that he thought she was really hot. Some stuff happened and eventually led up to me yelling to her as she walked away from our table, 'HE THINKS YOU'RE HOT!'
And that, my fellow viewers, is how good of a friend I am. You buy me lunch, I embarrass you in front of a hot chick. And the fifty million other kids in the cafetorium. I did end up apologizing, though. I do have a soul.

I'm just going to sum up what happened after health so that I can skip to what I want to announce:
-Ethan picked me up.
-Ethan, Jonny (member of Ethan's band and good friend), and I went to the mall so that Ethan could buy new gauges.
-We (Ethan) dropped Jonny off.
-Went to my house to do some last-minute cramming.
-Went back to school (horrible, I know) and finished our chemistry test.
-Ethan dropped me off at home.
-I finally registered for the SAT.

Soon after all of that my stepmom let me know that my drive time (I'll explain in a second) was moved from tomorrow to today, thankfully an hour before I had to be there.
I did the classroom part of driver's ed in September and once you finish that you have to do the driving part, not only at home but with the school. The school requires you to complete 7 drives....
Today was my seventh! Yay me! In all honestly, I was so happy. I never thought this day would come.
I had had the same instructor from my third drive all the way to my sixth drive, and only on my last drive I had a new instructor whom was totally awesome, funny, and looked somewhat like Ryan Reynolds -just not nearly as attractive because that is virtually impossible... I love you, Ethan! The instructor before this one was super religious, which wasn't a good match for me. I don't want to offend anybody, I promise that's never my purpose, but I am not religious at all. My parents have never forced any type of religious practice on me, I don't go to church (sue me), and I just don't put strong beliefs into things that have not been proven. I'll respect the religions of people that matter to me but I do not agree with it, and I have definitely cracked jokes about it from time to time. Not gonna lie -I wasn't raised to be a liar. And no, I do not walk around telling everybody that I am an Athiest -I know that I am not. Just thought I'd get that out of the way.

I'm honestly surprised that the other student driver didn't kill us. But that would have been very upsetting considering it was the night that I was declared done with driver's ed forever. Needless to say, our instructor was being completely fair each time (and there were many times) that he used the emergency brake. I feel like I should be celebrating my survival/achievement right now.
So if you didn't pick up on my announcement, that was it. Completing driver's ed.

I know I'm lame, it don't phase me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tuna sandwich: you get in my belly

Hello again! I've honestly been thinking about this moment since this morning.

My morning was the same as yesterday (lame).
Ethan and I got to school right as the first bell rang. Which means we arrived just in time for hallway traffic. Let me paint this picture for you: there's roughly 300 my grade. We have at least 1,000 students in the whole school. So as we try to hustle through the crowd, I just think to myself  'Why on earth do people walk so slow?' Definitely a pet peeve. When I finally got to my first block class -US history- I had to take off my jacket due to the ridiculous amount of body heat I generated trying to make it out of the crowd and to class on time. Still amazes me.
Any-who, I got to thinking during that class, 'We need more teachers like this.' I think most of my history teacher's past and current students don't like her. But I love that woman! She is the most up-front teacher I've ever met, which I really like. Teachers will explain simple things in the most complicated ways. She gives it to you straight and isn't afraid to say shit, and she doesn't sugar-coat everything like we're five year-olds or something. Lemme put it this way: If I was going to be a teacher (which is never actually happening), I would want to be like her. Yes, she has been mean to me personally, but come on, nobody's perfect and certainly nobody is happy ALL the time -especially high school teachers.  But you can tell that she's a super nice person on the inside -a total sap, like me. 'You only hate in others what you hate about yourself, you like in others what you like about yourself.' -Don't bother correcting me, I know I totally messed that up. But I got my message crossed.
My second block class was Advanced Graphic Design and Illustrations. How's that for fancy and impressive?
I love that class, but only for the social part of it. Yes, I love working with computers, but I would dread that class if I didn't have any friends in it with me. I sit with all dudes because of assigned seating, but thankfully none of them are douche bags. I enjoy our little group; all of us have different personalities and we're all funny in our own ways-
I have a pretty dry sense of humor, and sarcasm is my bestfriend.
Joey has a sense of humor similar to mine but he doesn't cross the line as much as I do.
Rohan's sense of humor is unique. He pretends to be a total lady's man and it's actually really funny.
Kyle has kind of a childish sense of humor. But then again, all he does in that class is play online games.

I'm a hypocrite for that last comment; today I finished our recent assignment and ended up playing games online... Whatever!

My third class was chemistry. We learned stoichiometry today... which I actually understood! Craaazzyy. I'm not a fan of that class. I'm one of the four juniors in it and the rest are sophomores (I don't know why I originally typed freshmen... I guess they're just that annoying). But Ethan is in my class, which makes everything okay. I think our teacher knows we're dating, but she has never made it clear that she does. Like today, she told us to partner up, and she says to Ethan 'Do you wanna work with Camael?' and then walked away. So it wasn't actually a question. She's just an odd woman, but I do like her.
When Ethan and I were working on our mini-lab I found myself wanting to cry. It didn't make sense at all. And his brain shut down before class even started. We were screwed... but hey, we were screwed together.

When we were let out for C lunch, Ethan and I went to this really romantic place. High-class and crazy expensive. I don't know how many of you have heard of T`aco Belle, but I definitely recommend it for a date. It would make a really good impression.
After lunch Ethan dropped me back off at school and I went to English. I like my English class, I'm on of the very few who take it seriously, and there are some cool people in my class. Today, however, I wasn't in the most pleasant mood due to this thing called 'My back f*cking hurts' (I'm not sure how many of you have heard of this either, it's extremely rare). So I nearly lost it when the guy that sits in front of me purposefully knocked over my water bottle that was sitting on my desk. Who does that, really. I would have punched him in the junk so hard if it had been open (the bottle landed facing me). He would no longer be able to reproduce if that bottle had been opened.
So yeah, I don't know why, but that pretty much set the mood for that whole block.
When I got home from school I didn't have much to do. I got on Facebook, started reading other blogs, looked up the definition to "stoic"... Boring, I know. I also ate a tuna sandwich, and most of the delicious dessert my brother brought home from the Cheesecake Factory. I'm not actually sure what it is, though, so I'll probably drop dead any second. So long.
I've had this 'New Post' box opened for at least an hour. Sad. But I honestly couldn't wait until eleven or later to share my adventurous and spontaneous life with you. How could I deprive anyone like that? I couldn't bare the thought.

I've been playing with our new cat, Elliot, while typing this. He is five months-old and the cutest damn cat on this planet. My nickname for him is Elliot Stabler, because Law & Order: SVU is my drug. I love that show... Which shouldn't be okay, it's the most effed up show you can watch -but who cares?

how could I have possibly done this whole blog without taking breaks to melt in those copper eyes?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 1

This is my first blog. Ever.
When I still thought myspace was amazing, I 'blogged' random stuff that I didn't actually write. For example, I took a list of phobias from some website and highlighted the ones that applied to me. Looking back I now realize that I do not actually have any phobias; there is not one single thing that is scary enough to make me have panic attacks and start shaking like a puppy. And I also realize that it was not a blog at all. Silly me.

So I guess I'll bore you with my day now:

My morning was the same as others. My alarm periodically went off starting at 7:15am and ending at 8:00am. I, of course, did not actually get out of bed until 8:30 -when I got a call from my boyfriend confirming that no, he wasn't going to school today -due to his lack of sleep from ridiculous work hours- and that yes, he could still give me a ride (my parents either leave really early or much later and I don't get my license until next month). I quickly got ready, only taking about five minutes. I've recently broken up with make-up so it takes me a lot less time to get ready nowadays.
School itself was okay. I'm trying to complain about it less. In my first class, math modeling, we launched rockets -colored paper wrapped around a film canister- using alka-seltzer and water. To me, it was a huge waste of time -which is a blessing when you're in school- but to most of the people in my class it was this ridiculous competition because, for some reason, our teacher told us that if we got our rockets to go above the height of our portable we would be given an extra 100 for a quiz grade. I was fine with my 2-feet-flying rocket. It didn't phase me.
In my second and third classes, speech and health, I started new projects. My project in speech is a really cool idea, I'm not gonna lie, but I like everybody in my group except for one person. Do you know how annoying that is? Ugh. In health I started a project with my bestest guy friend, Minh. It's a project about the digestive system... Which honestly sparks no interest to me, but health is definitely the easiest class I've ever been in. I'd have to go out my way to fail it. Which would just be really douchey of me, or anyone, to do so.
During lunch, in the middle of health (known as B lunch at my school), I sat with my only friends from health: Minh and Marion -the cutest little French girl out there! Some of you may find it sad that out of an entire class I only have two friends, but that's just me. I don't like big groups and I hate pretending to like people just because everyone else 'likes' them. Even though I have not eaten lunch at my school since my freshman year (I'm a junior now), I thoroughly enjoy eating with Minh and Marion. I am able to express myself without being looked at like I have a giant booger coming out of my nose. I feel like there is a good balance among us. Anyways, my school recently opened up a Java City, a knockoff version of Starbucks, but with the same pricing. I find myself very much in love with their caramel macchiatos, which I ordered today, along with a sandwich. That sandwich is the reason I don't eat at school. I thought it would have been fine because I had tried this particular sandwich about a week ago and liked it enough to not complain... No, no, today, it was horrible. The sandwich consisted of cheese, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes (which I merrily took out and confined to solitude -meaning I just put them to the side), and chipotle sauce. I'm okay with things that are mildly spicy, I'm a Texan. However, the people who made this sandwich must have had something stuck up where the sun don't shine, because they took out their anger on the sandwich. With the chipotle sauce. Needless to say, I threw the second half of it away. How I managed to eat the first half? I do not know.
Thankfully today was a white day, meaning that I had blocks 5th-8th today (tomorrow will be an orange day: blocks 1st-4th), and I have 8th block off. Ethan, my beau, came and picked me up from school after a long day of sleeping and unfortunately, he had to drop me off at home because he had work. So there I was; at home with no homework and nothing fun to do.
So what did I do? My health project! I wish I was kidding. I should have lied and said that I went to a crazy party or something. Which wouldn't make any sense since it was about 3pm, and I'm just not a party-goer.
After I finished the project , which hardly took me anytime because I am a P.P.M. (Power Point Master), I had nothing to do again. I'll be up-front with you about this now, 'nothing to do' is a part of my daily life. You will read it frequently. You will get to the point of reading these and thinking 'I bet she had nothing to do after that, huh? God, she's so boring. -unfollow-'
After drowning myself in Facebook for however long, I ended up asking a friend of mine if she wanted to go to the gym with me. I honestly don't care to elaborate my experiences at the gym... I go workout and then I leave. Only every-now-and-then something at the gym will be blog worthy. Although I would like to announce that my curse of seeing the same old lady naked in the locker room was broken today. I was very happy about that.
When I got home from the gym, our family dog, Mustard, greeted me at the door since nobody else was home. The front door becomes his bestfriend when he's waiting for somebody to come home. I greeted him back and asked if he had been fed (this dog knows English, I swear), which caused him to get very excited. Before doing anything, I texted my stepmom to make sure he had not been fed already (he's on a very strict diet), and I let him go in the front yard to pee. He is about ten years-old now, so when he pees he doesn't actually lift his leg anymore. And it also takes him at least one full minute. I wanna say his record is close to five minutes. After that, I walked to the kitchen to find that he had gone through the trash. After working out and needing to feed myself, the last thing I wanted was to clean up a bunch of trash across my kitchen floor. Before doing so I made sure to tell him 'Bad dog!', and as his punishment he was only given his meds tonight, and no food. I do feel bad about that, but at the time of deciding this it felt so right, and very justified. That poor dog.
When my stepmom got home I discovered that the entire time I was at the gym, she was under the impression that I was at Jim's -an amazing restaurant where a good breakfast hardly costs four bucks! ~personal favorite~
Between then and now I have showered and drowned myself in more Facebook. Exciting.
I hope that you haven't thought about sending me hate mail from boredom.

To anyone out there who enjoyed it: I will try to blog as often as I can. Which will probably be on the weekdays mostly. My life is only lived on the weekends, in all honesty.

Thanks for reading my first blog, it'll get better. Maybe.