Friday, March 18, 2011

Not the onions...

My dad was on the phone earlier in our kitchen and I heard him say, 'I'm just making myself a tuna sandwich.' I walked into the kitchen to grab something from the refrigerator before leaving and I noticed that he had a huge bowl full of at least four cans of tuna. I thought to myself, 'It looks like he's feeding a family of twenty.'
Later on I treated myself to a tuna sandwich (I'm a big fan if you haven't noticed) and although it was very delicious, I couldn't help but notice an odd taste that I did not like very much. See, my dad did what I don't do: He went that extra mile in tuna sandwich-making and put in celery, pickles, and the unknown ingredient that I wasn't happy about. I do not do this when I make my own tuna sandwiches, so I'm not familiar with what is traditionally used.
Even later on, I treated myself to a second sandwich. As I was chewing, I looked at my sandwich and saw something... something horrible. Onions. I hate onions. I will tolerate them if they are cooked and mixed in with something like soup, but raw onions are completely unacceptable on every level. These onions were raw.  Gross, gross, and gross.

Any-who, I am officially hired at Sonic! I have to buy my own skates, which is kind of lame, but whatever.

Today was a pretty good day, too. Ethan took me to get donuts in the morning (around 1pm), I had a tea party with Minh and Marion (I dunno why we didn't take pictures), and then I filled out paperwork at Sonic. The Sonic part was more exciting than you think, okay? Don't hate.

I just found out earlier that Chelsea Handler is coming to Austin. I am all over that. Yes, I will be putting my life's savings into a ticket, but I do not give one flying f*ck. It's Chelsea Handler, come on. Can you get any better than that? No, you can't, so don't try.

Unfortunately, all of the tickets for Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros are sold out. But that's okay, I know that I will see them live one day.
I think I've made a rhyme. 

Yay, tea party! Am I right? Am I right?


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I feel like I shouldn't keep this from you: Our tea party was kind of a failure. All we had was two canisters of two different flavors of tea, honey, and some granola bars that Minh brought. Minh actually cut his water bottle in half and we used the two pieces as cups. Whatever, dude, I bet you're jealous.

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