Sunday, March 6, 2011

Under Pressure

Looking back on past this weekend, the only thing I can think is, 'That was the best weekend I've had in a while.' I think everything about it was perfect, with only a few casualties.

On Friday, I had a nice and easy day at school and then afterwards I helped make a banner for Ethan's band. It started out being me, Ethan, Mia, Jonny, and Ian, all at Ethan's house. By the end of the night it was me, Jonny, and Ian, by ourselves at Ethan's house. Ethan's dad told me I was the the adult before he took off with some friends because no one else was home (Ethan had work). How liberating.
Eddie joined us in time to work on the last two letters of 'Society'. All in all, I enjoyed making it and it felt nice to know that I contributed something to the band -considering that I've gotten into most of their shows for free lately and I have yet to buy one of their shirts because I am a broke teenager. Ian then took me to pick up my friend, Zina -who had asked me if she could stay the night at my house earlier that day- and then dropped us off at my house. The thing I love about people like Zina is that it doesn't take a lot to entertain her. We sat and talked in my room until almost 3am. I loved it! I'm a talker, but only with people I like.
This experience for me, though, was kind of scary at first. I literally have not had a friend stay the night at my house since my freshman year. Which was two years ago. I hardly ever have people over; in almost two years (three hundred seventy days), Ethan has only been to my house just to hangout less than ten times. How sad is that?
I'm almost terrified of having guests. I always feel like people are going to leave my house thinking, 'That was so boring.' I don't mean to be boring! It's not my fault!
It's totally my fault.

On Saturday, I had to wake up at 8am to make sure that Ethan woke up and so that I could get ready to go to Maxwell, Texas, for Ethan's show at the Texas Independence Festival. Thankfully, Zina had Saturday school so I wasn't inconveniencing her with how early I had to be up. Somehow I was able to shower, and be ready for a show in less than an hour. I even packed necessities for the trip (which I didn't need because I was riding with Mia, Jonny, and Ethan). Ethan picked me up, dropped Zina off at the school, and then we went to Ian's house.

I made the mistake of wearing shorts. It was about forty degrees outside, even though the past few days had been perfect shorts weather. I decided to sit in the car while the Ethan, Eddie, and Ian brought out their equipment from Ian's basement, and while I was sitting there, I noticed that Ian's grandparents were staring at me through the glass of Ian's front door. How weird is that? I felt very uncomfortable. There was nothing to stare at, I was just cold and wanted to be away from the horrible, windy weather. I think I am the most uncomfortable when I receive attention that I am not seeking.

We hit the road shortly after Mia and Jonny got to Ian's, and then we were shortly off the road: Mia was approaching a red light, with a stopped garbage truck in front of us. She was looking down for something and didn't brake enough, causing her to bump into the garbage truck. At first nothing happened and she just backed up a little bit, and then the man driving the truck actually got out. Of course, there was no damage to the truck, just to Mia's fender. It was popped out of place, leaving her with a very ghetto-looking car. We pulled over to a more convenient spot and tried kicking and hitting it back into place before coming to the most simple solution: duct tape. We went to the nearest HEB and quickly got ourselves back on the road in the most stylish car you've ever seen.
The car ride was fun, all of us were cracking jokes and we had good music playing. What more could I have asked for?

The festival was a disappointment, not gonna lie. We were all expecting more people, and definitely a bigger crowd when they actually played. And, we were accompanied by a few annoying people. BUT, I did have fun and I really liked being with my friends all day. How generic does that sound?
Ethan was so lucky that the drive to Maxwell was only fifty minutes; he actually forgot his guitar in his car trunk at Ian's house, back in Austin. So me, Mia, Ethan, and Ian went back to get it. We made it back with more than an hour to spare, and while we were in Austin we had enough time to stop at Five Guys -the best burger place ever. And Ethan was able to stop by Amy's Ice Creams (his employer) and say hi. He spends a lot of off-hours there, it's kind of sad.

Mia and I were given a very difficult and terrifying job before Post Society played: handing out flyers to the people at the festival. I hated it. I can't talk to people that I know, let alone people that I don't know. It took us a while to be able to go up to people, but we did end up getting rid of all of the flyers we were given. One guy that we gave a flyer to, who was absolutely drunk, ended up being a fan of the band (even though that was kind of a given). Mia and I made it known that we were the reason that he saw them play.
One thing that I was especially pissed about was that the banner ended up not being used. I won't sit here and point fingers, though. I'll simply move on.

By the time we were all on our way back to Austin, I felt like I was dead. I may as well have been. Unfortunately, I find it very difficult to fall asleep inside a car, especially when it's moving. But it was fine because no one else fell asleep either.
We all went to Kerbey Lane Cafe when we got back and mindlessly ate some food, which we all desperately needed. But it was very hard to stay awake at that point, I didn't feel like I was attached to my body at all.

I fell asleep without any trouble that night.

Today, Ethan and I went to the Kite Festival at Zilker Park with Mia and Jonny. We got the least amount of kite-action there and didn't actually spend very much time there. We all decided we were starving and went and ate at Central Market Cafe. Obviously, that wasn't everything that happened, but that's all I'm giving you. It was fun in its simplicity. Although I was very envious when I saw everyone with their dogs at the kite festival, because I really do wish that I could take Mustard with me to things like that. But I can't take him anywhere that involves other dogs. He's under the impression that all other dogs are scary and that he should be the only dog, ever.

If there was one song in the world that I had to listen to over and over again for however long, it would be 'Under Pressure' by Queen and David Bowie. It's an amazing song that makes me very happy whenever I listen to it. It doesn't matter what period of time you were born in, it's timeless.

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