Tuesday, March 1, 2011

National Pancake Day

Today was a good day! Despite the TAKS test, which took me forever, but was easy. I feel like if I share the writing prompt I'll get sued by Texas. I'm going to share it with you. The writing prompt was to write an essay about a time that you overcame a fear. Guess what I wrote about?!

...I wrote about my fear of the dark. And I lied in the end. Technically, my entire essay was a lie, because I have not acually overcome that fear. I do not know if I will ever overcome that fear. I am a seventeen year-old junior in high school and I wish that the dark didn't even exist. I hate it so much. I have a hard time falling asleep in the dark, and I nearly lose my mind when I have to walk in the dark in my house at night when I'm hungry -which is every night- or even walking those three feet to the bathroom. It's a lot easier to do this in houses that I'm not familiar with, believe it or not, because my imagination can't make up a clear visual of something following me or a distorted dead girl coming around the corner, crawling on the floor... or waiting for me to come around the corner, or popping out from behind the nearest door. But there are a few visuals that I can't escape, like seeing someone standing in the window or crawling out from under the bed, or standing in the doorway watching me. I hate the dark. See what it's done to me? Actually, all of the above is for two reasons, and two reasons only; 1. my brother, and 2. scary movies. My brother used to locked me in our walk-in pantry that we had in the house that we lived in when we were still in Houston, and he would turn the light off before locking me in there (I actually included this in my essay). So much love. Scary movies is self-explanatory, though. As soon as I watch I scary movie, I wish that I hadn't. Simple is that. I am a wimp, forever.

Anyways, I made it through the TAKS alive. That's all that matters! Ya know, besides the score and all that other junk.

Oh, I wanted to say something real quick: Rohan is an awesome person.
That is all.

I love the schedule for TAKS days: Our first class is the normal hour and a half but the rest of our classes are twenty minutes. I did a whole lot of nothing today. However, I did get to catch up on some reading, which was awesome. I'm currently reading Are You There, Vokda? It's me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler. And I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud when I was still in the TAKS room while reading it. I think she is my idol. I love her sense of humor and I try to watch her show whenever I can -I currently can't because I screwed up my T.V. somehow. The more and more I read her book, the more I feel like I could have written it. Our writing is really similar, due to our similar humor. If I could do anything especially awesome, it would be meeting Chelsea Handler. Hands down. I admire her, because she definitely has more balls than I do and she does not give one single f*ck. I love you, Chelsea.

Do any of you love the feeling of giving people compliments? And I don't mean kissing people's asses. Just giving someone a compliment because you felt like it, not because you want them to like you, and not because you're secretly making fun of them. A real compliment. I love that feeling, I really do. I did that today in history, I told my teacher that her haircut looked very nice. And it really does, I wasn't lying. She keeps her hair short and it was starting to get too long. I've probably got many of you thinking 'I don't give any amount of shits, Camael.' Well I say to you, that's not my problem (and I say this with love).

Later on after school had gotten out, I went to Bri's house to hangout. We had been hearing about free pancakes being served at iHop throughout the day and decided to get in on it. I was kind of disappointed to find out that we couldn't choose a different type of pancake instead of buttermilk but hey, three free pancakes from iHop is not something that I would pass up.
As I was enjoying my pancakes with an overload of strawberry syrup on top, I noticed that a baby was crying. Two tables down from Bri and I. This is a pet-peeve of mine. Do not bring your infant into a public place, such as a restaurant, if you know that it will start hysterically crying for a long period of time. I know that you want to get out, and that is exactly what babysitters are for. Thankfully, he was escorted out of the building by one of his caretakers.

There was a strange moment when he was about to be carried out: I looked over at him (I'm not gonna lie, he was f*cking adorable) and he only had the facial expression of crying, but didn't actually make any noise for an odd amount of time. It was surreal.
His face was doing this but there was absolutely no sound.
Is that normal? It honestly freaked me out to the point of not even realizing that he wasn't annoying me during that time.

And one last thing: ANTHONY WRUCK. 

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